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South Niagara Hearing Clinic is the only clinic located in Fonthill and Welland in which all procedures are performed by a Doctor of Audiology.  This will ensure each patient receives the highest standard of care. In Ontario, only audiologist and Physicians are authorized to prescribe hearing aids.  

Alaina Hillier, Doctor of Audiology, Audiologist, is able to provide services both at patients homes and in the clinic to ensure everyone has the opportunity to access hearing health care.

South Niagara Hearing Clinic offers flexible hours to accommodate patients needs. This includes evenings and weekends.

South Niagara Hearing Clinic offers competitive prices and prescribes only hearing aids which are appropriate to your lifestyle and your budget.


Our Mission

To provide the highest level of quality care to ensure each patient is able to make informed choices regarding their hearing health.

What is an audiologist?

Audiologists are health care professionals who assess, treat and educate to prevent hearing and balance problems. They are trained to perform a variety of tests to determine the nature and degree of an individuals’ hearing loss and/or balance problems. They see people of all ages - babies, children and adults.

Once a hearing and/or balance problem is known, an audiologist can help determine the best action to help deal with their problems.

— Canadian Academy of Audiology

What We aim to Achieve

  • Each patient receives a comfortable environment where they feel free to ask questions, as we take the time to listen.
  • Full hearing tests are completed so the audiologist has a full profile of the patients hearing loss.
  • Wax removal can be completed using the suction technique.
  • Hearing aids are programmed and verified to ensure they are performing optimally.
  • Evidence based research is used to ensure proper outcomes. 
  • Counselling is completed so the hearing aid works with the hearing loss.
  • Management strategies are discussed to ensure your mind is able to adapt to hearing aids.
  • Follow up care is ongoing to ensure your hearing aid is functioning optimally.